B&H Tax Service is located in the Dawn Meadows Office Complex at the NW corner of Bat Cave Road and Nacogdoches Road (FM 2252) in Garden Ridge, Texas.

Address and Phone:                

19115 FM 2252 Suite 22

Garden Ridge, TX 78266

Phone: 210-658-2587

Fax: 210-745-0372

Hours of Operation during Tax Season-January 10th until April 15th:

We will set appointments for times shown below.

Monday - Saturday - Appointment times on the hour 9:00am - noon & 1:00pm - 8:00pm

This year we will continue to give clients the ability to go online and set their own appointment. To make your own appointment, click on the button below and enter your email address that can be used to remind you of your appointment, your first and last names and your phone number at which we can reach you.


Optionally, you may call 210-658-2587 or email us at:bandhtaxservice@gmail.com to establish a time to meet with us.

Normally appointments are set for 1 hour on the hour which is typically all that is needed to prepare your taxes and send you on your way. If you know you have more complex dealings than average, please tell us when setting the appointment so we can allow additional time.

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E-mail: bandhtaxservice@gmail.com

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